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Vitality in the Workplace Series #1

Health Threat to Silicon Valley Companies

I see a major underlying threat to companies’ health in the Silicon Valley. The workforce needs support in finding purpose and meaning in their daily work-life. Companies are not fostering this crucial conversation.

The lack of purpose manifests as burnout, which threatens companies with high turnover. This loss of company character and talent threatens the bottom line.

So what’s this deadly cocktail that is resulting in 70% of the workforce being “not engaged” or “actively disengaged?” (

From what I’m seeing, employees are expected to spend most of their quality time and energy at work, often at the expense of the activities and people who offer them a sense of purpose. At the same time, they are not being fully supported in identifying how their work is meaningful and of value.

So we’re reducing employees’ access to what stokes their internal energetic fire. How can  we expect an endless supply of energy directed towards tasks which people report feel empty and meaningless?

The good news is that meaning can be stoked in any job that is positively contributing to the world.

For more help in fostering meaning and purpose in your workforce, check out part 2, Discovering Purpose, or contact me to see how I can support your company’s retention rate.