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Malawi Holds Our Heart

Heather Coros and the Essential Core Team are committed to bridging the global resource gaps in education and basic needs. In 2021 Heather Coros formed a partnership with Malawi Children’s Mission (MCM).

For many of these children just getting through the day is a feat. They are orphans, face extreme poverty, improper nutrition, and lack access to education, adequate healthcare, and basic necessities.

Heather’s work with MCM has been an opportunity to rewrite this cycle of trauma, creating a new story and reality, for these children, for their broader community, and beyond.

The shared mission was to take these children on a transformational healing journey, gently righting the scars of trauma, so they can regain emotional balance and health, and go on to live lives of joy and purpose.

The teachers were trained to use mindfulness techniques to help the children engage and stay present, actively practicing patience and presence of mind, remaining calm and resilient in the face of potentially triggering behaviors. Our mission is to continue providing self-regulation training across the globe, and to strengthen our collective ability to emotionally regulate as individuals and communities, and create a safer environment for all sentient beings.

Group 120
Our goal is to provide a healing roadmap, and support learning, self-healing and healing each other, so we all can more fully show up in supporting collective healing and continue providing opportunities for all beings to thrive.

In the end, our mission is to build the emotional regulation capacities for adults and children, so they can recognize their own Essential Core, and ultimately uphold a global vision to nurture adults and children’s ability to function in their community at the highest level.

Support our mission in Malawi

Help us provide a healing roadmap to the MCM staff, and support them in learning how to heal themselves and each other, so they can more fully show up in supporting the children’s healing and continue providing opportunities for the children to thrive.