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Coaching Modalities

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Internal Familiy Systems

When a baby elephant has a thin rope tied around its leg, while it’s small and weak, the baby elephant is unable to break the rope, but as it grows, despite gaining strength, it believes that it’s still too weak to break it and so it simply remains shackled. Most of us had experiences that blocked us from being able to recognize and easily access our wholeness. When a challenging experience occurred, a well-intentioned part of us developed to help us manage the experience. As we grow into different stages of life, those protective parts (ropes) may not evolve with us. And, eventually, they may influence our actions and beliefs in a way that hinders us from feeling safe and comfortable to be our authentic selves. A sample of protected parts you might recognize in yourself:
  • People-pleasing part
  • Perfectionist part
  • Isolating part
  • Overwhelmed part
  • Judgmental part
  • Controlling part
  • Defensive part
  • Self-conscious part
  • Inhibited part

Through IFS, we learn how to update and integrate those parts to reconnect with our agency and help us make better decisions in the current environment and circumstances. With appriceiation and compassion for the coping strategies we developed to survive in challenging conditions, we now get to break free from the limitations of our past circumstances and experiences; And, reestablishing the Self as our own best caregiver.

Somatic Processing

Research shows it requires seconds, minutes or potentially hours for our emotions and thoughts to respond to an experience, yet our body registers them in mere milliseconds.

There is also data that shows negative experiences integrate into the body and nervous systems immediately, yet it takes 11 seconds (the length of 3 breaths) to process a positive moment.

When we are able to get out of our heads and into our bodies, we are able to process our experiences and let the sensations move through and dissipate, rather than get stuck and accumulate. At first, people may find the sensations in the body to be overwhelming, yet when we are able to develop the ability to redistribute awareness throughout the body, somatic experiencing becomes an avenue for release and relaxation.

We then get to start strengthening the vagal break, a modulating mechanism of the heart that allows the heart to communicate with the nervous system. The heart then begins to self-soothe through our body and let the brain know we’re safe. Once we have developed this vagal toning, we feel nourished by our body rather than continually trying to numb or avoid it.

The Transformational Healing Sequence (THS) is one of many somatic tools to assist in learning and expanding one’s awareness and ability to skillfully self-guide through somatic inquiry.

The Transformational Healing Sequence (THS)

THS is one of many somatic tools that Heather Coros, MA, PCC, designed through thousands of hours of meditation, study, and sitting with clients, to assist in learning and expanding one’s awareness and ability to skillfully self-guide through somatic inquiry.

THS allows us to self-guide, using both neuroception and proprioception to navigate out of the chaotic mind, down our ventral vagal nerve, to self- soothe with the vagal break in the heart, and release the trauma in the body through our nervous system using breathwork in our belly.

Over time, THS creates a flow pattern, a template that helps us move the energy through the body, to guide the energy which otherwise may not know where to go or how to be processed.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a fun and playful tool for beginning self-exploration as well as for those further down the path. The Enneagram is valuable in that it is flexible and grows with you rather than some other tools which tend to put you in a box.

The Enneagram gives us a template on what motivates us, how we perceive the world, what we value, and what habits and patterns we tend to rely on. It also shows us many paths to loosening up our habits of reactivity which lead to more freedom, love, and peace.

As the Enneagram is designed to be a self-assessment, I recommend taking the test here Then read your top three types to see which fits best for you. WARNING: the test is designed as a template not a conclusion so be sure to enjoy the self-exploritive nature of the tool as it was designed. There is no rush or finish line. The goal is not to find the answers but to live the questions.

Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

Being able to communicate impacts all aspects of life. Non-Violent Communication helps us communicate clearly. NVC gives us a framework to reference when finetuning our ability to express ourselves calmly and accurately hear what others are saying rather than our perspectives of it. Whether that’s engaging at work or in challenging conversations with our partners, being able to understand and feel understood, creates the foundation for peaceful and playful progress.

Spiritual Inquiry

“You’re not a drop in the ocean. You’re the entire ocean in a drop.” -Rumi

We are an expression of life. I believe that Science and Spirituality are on the same continuum; spirituality is just science not yet explained. Whether you perceive yourself as part of the universe or within a particular faith, it is helpful to understand our relationship to the greater whole and how it impacts our health and sense of meaning.

The Essential Core Process

The Essential Core five-step process is a framework developed by Heather Coros to create Comfortable Confidence: the ability to trust in one’s inherent sovereignty and organic growth. The process often includes gaining agency to disengage from negative thought patterns and develop self-trust by empowering yourself through the understanding that: (a) you were doing the best you could, given what you knew, at any given moment, and (b) you now have an opportunity to learn a different approach to give you agency in the challenges you may experience.

Here’s what the process often looks like:

Create Space: Learn to pause and notice unwanted thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. This pause reduces reactivity by creating space between you and your experiences.

Become Mindful: grow the capacity to pause and emotionally regulate through difficult emotions and situations.

Lead With Curiosity and Follow Through with Resilience: resilience and curiosity grow by seeing each step as a learning opportunity and refinement process that ultimately brings you closer to your desired outcome.

ICF / Professional Certified Coach

A bird does not trust in the branch but in it’s own wings. The coaching relationship is a unique opportunity to partner with a practitioner to expand your potential based on your specific intentions and values.

Many do not understand the difference between coaching, traditional therapy, consulting, and contracting. Coaching is geared toward partnering with you so that you are able to access your own wisdom and knowledge so you can feel confident in discerning what the best next step is, rather than becoming dependent on other people’s opinions.

You hold unique and powerful perspectives, it is the job of the coach to help you learn to trust in yourself and fly to higher perspectives and new destinations.

Generative Team Coaching

Generative Team Coaching works with the field rather than the individual so the fabric of the communication becomes stronger and the interactions become increasingly smoother and more generative. Common topics that are addressed when strengthening a team:

  • Identify group agreements and values so that the team is able to hold them selves and each other accountable for their success.
  • Creating safety is the foundation for a thriving team; and transparency, vulnerability ,and resilience are the pillars of engagement. By starting with safety, we co-create the essentials for success to occur.
  • Identifying desired intentions, actions, and impact so that the team can have shared clarity on what each contributor is responsible for, and what success looks like.
  • Supporting employee retention and health by creating a healthy culture of support, recognition, and warm collaboration.

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