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Do you feel like you’re doing the best you can, given what you know, and still feel like you’re missing something?

The good news is that what you’re seeking won’t come from out there…

You have everything you need already within you.

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Coaching Philosophy

“There is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it.”

Life can feel chaotic and messy.

We are constantly bombarded with challenging choices, and sometimes it feels like there’s no clear “right” choice.

By learning to quiet our thoughts and skillfully guide our mind, we can establish a balanced baseline to come back to whenever we feel overwhelmed.

Once we learn to handle challenges skillfully, we can start to develop comfortable confidence—the ability to trust in our inherent sovereignty and organic growth.

We start to engage and create new styles of relationships because we gain confidence in our wholeness, and are therefore not desperate for connection. We also begin to engage differently at work because we feel solid in ourselves and feel comfortable taking on risks.

Through this coaching process you will learn how to soothe the chaotic mind so you experience less suffering and more peace and joy in your life.

The Coaching Process

“I don’t want to save you. I want to stand by you as you save yourself.”

My style as a practitioner is to partner with you as you envision what kind of life you would like to create and discover what’s been holding you back.

Once we are clear on intentions, we then design the step-by-step actions that will get you to your identified outcomes and we partner in supporting you as you resolve any obstacles that may arise throughout the process.

Throughout this coaching process your trust in yourself will grow. This will take away internal discomfort that you may have been trying to soothe or avoid by distracting and numbing yourself.

Being in stillness will become pleasant and being around those who feel challenging will become more tolerable.

Life goes on. Challenges will continue to arise. Yet, you will have the skills to handle the challenges with greater compassion and resilience.

About Heather Coros, MA, PCC

My Personal Journey

I grew up in what felt like a highly dysfunctional environment, which I experienced as chaotic and lacking the stability and nurturing that I craved. Yet, I was raised in the Northern Arapaho Native American way which helped me develop a connection with the earth as a young girl. Her wisdom has been an essential guiding strength, without which I may have never reached the state of self-acceptance and inner peace which has become my sustaining force.

Because I wanted to avoid recreating the chaos of my past, I formed a fascination with understanding why people behave and act the way they do.

Ultimately, I came to discover that there were tools and techniques I could use to give myself agency to create a lifestyle where I could finally feel at peace. I then started actively putting these techniques into practice and witnessed a drastic decrease in my suffering. This inspired my journey as a certified transformational life coach, career coach, speaker, and writer.

And thus emerged a unique process, The Essential Core, to help brilliant people develop the agency they desire through gaining Comfortable Confidence: the ability to trust in one’s inherent sovereignty and organic growth.

  • Sofia University – Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology, 2015
  • UC Santa Cruz – BA in Psychology, 2008
  • Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C.) International Coach Federation, 2019
  • Generative Coaching by Invite Change – Advanced Curriculum -2022
  • Generative Team Coaching by Invite Change – Advanced Curriculum -2021
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) Training by Dick Shwarts – 2022
  • Non-Violent Communication: Mindful Communication Training by Oren Sofer – 2022
  • Mindfulness Intensive Settling, Seeing & Luminous Awareness with Donald Rothberg – 2022
  • Cultivating a Wonderful Mind Mindfulness Training with Sylvia Boorstein – 2022
  • The Mind/Body Connection in Health and Illness Intensive by Gabor Mate – 2021
  • Polyvagal Theory: Befriending Your Nervous System Training by  Deb Dana – 2021
  • Dancing with Life – Phillip Moffitt -2020
  • Mindful of Our Mortality Contemplating Death Training by Nikki Mirghafori -2020
  • Trauma Training: Bessel van der Kolk – 2019
  • Enjoying the Joy and Freedom of Living in the Present Moment Intensive with Eckhart Tolle – 2019
  • Exploring Modern Relationships with Esther Perel – Dec 2019
  • Trauma Training by Bessel van der Kolk – 2019
  • Enneagram Training by Susan Olesek  –  2018
  • No Body Intensive with Byron Katie -2018
  • Coaching Modalities

    We may tap into one or more of the following coaching modalities to help you gain self-awareness and clarity throughout this coaching process.

    Integrating the reactive and wounded parts of ourselves can free us to live more authentically.​
    Our bodies have the power to store and to heal the things we experience throughout our lives.
    A somatic inquiry tool to help people get out of a chaotic mind and into the comfort of a peaceful body.
    A template that shows us our personal path to freedom from our reactivity to life.
    Communication creates the foundation for peaceful and playful progress, at work and home.
    By understanding the interconnection between science, psychology, and spirituality, we can create a life with greater meaning.

    Creating agency to grow through the challenges you may experience.

    Fly together to higher perspectives and new destinations.
    Evolving interpersonal and group dynamics to create a healthy culture of growth, recognition, and warm collaboration.

    You have everything you need already within you

    Begin Your Journey To A More Confident & Authentic Life

    If you are at a place where feeling supported in the changes ahead feels helpful, call me and we can explore how I can best support you.