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Vitality in the Workplace Series #2

“I have no reason to complain, I chose each step that brought me here so why am I so unhappy?” Sound familiar?
Purpose is one of the most sought after and revered emotions. We all want to feel the impact of our contribution and know we are living with purpose. So how can we foster this rich emotion in our own life and in our workforce?
Time after time, a new client comes in and plops down on the couch looking distraught. Each one tells their own story of how they can’t quite recall when the meaninglessness set in. When they started “just going through the motions.”
They question with a baffled, glazed expression how life got to feeling so empty.
Some cite the golden handcuffs, whereas others seem more confused at how they wound up doing what they love to do while not loving what they’re doing.
Here’s the thing: most are looking for an external fix.
They guess at many reasons why they’re so dissatisfied….”lack of proper compensation,” or “overwork,” and “underappreciated.” We convince ourselves that the problem is out there when in fact we carry the solutions within us all along.

When we integrate a sense of purpose into everything we do, we become significantly more productive. We  feel a surge of vital connection between the day-to-day tasks and our beliefs.

To learn more about integrating a sense of purpose into your life or organization, ask about our free company assessment. In case you missed it, check out part 1 of the series here: Health Threat to Silicon Valley Companies.