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Perfectionism vs. Growth Mindset

Plus the new realization that’s turned my perfectionism on it’s head ????

The Realization:
The perfectionistic mindset shift that can amplify your efficiency in a HUGE way!

Perfectionism is like wrapping a rope around our legs when we’re trying to run a race; we wind up getting left behind, burned out, or miss substantial opportunities to contribute our unique gifts. When we interpret feedback as a failure, we create a limiting funnel to our own growth and impact, and it’s an exhausting frame of mind, too :b

If you’ll humor me, I’ll share a short story about how this insight was revealed and the new practice that I have created to help integrate the awareness to increase productivity 🙂

There I was, sitting, tea in hand, thinking about the work of one of my favorite researchers, when, like a bolt of lightning, I saw how my thinking had led me to frequently hold myself back from sharing.

A small but persistent fear of sharing before the work was “fully formed,” had resulted in a MASSIVE writer’s BLOCK. But, in that moment, what occurred to me was how many editions there are to some of my favorite research books! How they had many editions to their works, but I was holding on to the belief that mine must be at the sixth edition level before I had even shared the first.

I couldn’t see how the first edition will offer value and the second, third, fourth iterations will offer their own value. The shift was in seeing that increasing the value over time does not supersede the value provided in the previous work; it adds to it. This is an example of shifting from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

The New Un-Perfection-izing Practice in Action:
Review all your projects and identify what the “first edition” version would be. Ask yourself, “At what point can I share a part of this that is complete in itself?”
Next, ask, “Do I want to map out future editions or does looking too far out box me in more than support my freedom and flexibility during the creation process?”

Secondary Learning:
When we see each failure or success as a new data point, we free ourselves from needing to reach a final destination, or thinking that something must be perfect before we share it. To break free from perfectionism we can approach each task with Comfortable Confidence and trust in our inherent sovereignty and organic growth.

When we believe we are already whole and that we will naturally incline towards what’s best for us, we can lean into the process. Once we are leaning toward growth, our impact is amplified.

What’s possible if you started sharing your first edition? Send me a note – I read all my messages!