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A Simply Mindset Change to Stop Feeling Weighed Down by Past or Future

Danny’s gaze fell on the crystal hourglass set on the wooden table in front of her.

She watched meditatively as the tiny grains of sparkling golden sand collectively flowed from the top to the bottom bulb.

After a moment, thoughts began to pull Danny’s focus to past and future concerns. It occurred to her that each time her mind wandered to the past or the future, the moment to experience the sand falling through in the present was lost and could never be re-experienced.

A question formed once Danny noticed the distracting thoughts: “Is this thought worth missing my present moment for?”

Each moment is like a grain of sand. When we focus on a single grain of sand that has already fallen (like a moment in the past) or the sand that has yet to fall (like a moment in the future) we miss the sand that is falling through in the present (we miss the present moment).

In this way, we miss our current experiences when we get stuck in a particular moment of time. And sometimes we can get fixated on a specific grain of sand from the past or one that we really want in the future, and give thousands of our moments away.

What in your past or future is worth giving up experiencing this one precious Now?