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A 2-Step Process to Help With Anxiety When You’re Feeling Judged

Each time Kristy thought of going back home for the holidays, her stomach lurched and her chest felt tight. Kristy pictured the disapproving tense look on her mother’s face when she would disclose her choice to leave her steady job in tech to pursue a career as a writer.

Kristy’s mother, Cathy, lived a life around financial security. Cathy stayed in a marriage and job she disliked to ensure financial stability.

Cathy would indirectly, and sometimes directly, communicate her disapproval whenever Kristy would pursue a more fulfilling life, at the risk of financial security.

Kristy, felt nervous about her ability to succeed as a writer, and didn’t know how to manage the judgment of her mother too.

When we transform into the next evolution of ourselves, we let go of old limiting beliefs. 

Your growth invites others to look at their current beliefs and habits. This may trigger their ego to become defensive of their current belief structure if your changes push on their comfort edges.

When you’re feeling judged, try transforming the frustration into compassion:

  1. First, compassionately notice the fear that keeps the other person trapped in their current thinking.
  2. Then, notice the freedom you have gifted yourself by successfully breaking free from fear!


I find that compassion and freedom feel better than shrinking or puffing.