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Special Edition: Neurology That Supports Effective Leadership

Here’s a bit of science jargon sprinkled with a simple application to keep you effectively flowing and peaceful.
As much as we would like to push down or away from the uncomfortable emotions that are getting in the way of our (and our teams) output at work, we have an autonomic nervous system that refuses to play along.
If you’re not already familiar with the impact of emotional regulation on productivity, let me bottom line it for you:
Our brains are wired to function best when we feel safe.
To support optimal output, we can switch our sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system by developing two skills:
  1. ability to pause and
  2. notice distracting emotions and extend the pause to process them.
Here are two exercises that if practiced daily, have the potential to transform your prolonged time at home into a crash course in mindfulness training to become an exceptional teammate and leader:
Pausing and emotional regulation are the first two steps in the full process of developing Comfortable Confidence, which supports our ability to effectively communicate and accomplish our authentic goals.
To learn about the next three steps and how developing Comfortable Confidence impacts our capacity to lead, click here to schedule a 15 min consultation call with Heather.

Feature in Fast Company

You can check it out below 🙂

From the article:
“Speaker, writer, and coach to the Fortune 500 Heather Coros contends that courage is contagious. She emphasizes that curiosity and innovation are only accessible in the brain when a sense of safety is present. ‘If you’re expecting your team to lean in, then they need something that feels safe to lean against. By being that safe space, you give the gift of strength and vulnerability to the entire team,’ she explains. ‘And as we know, vulnerability is essential to highly preferred skills like transparency, clear communication, and team cohesion.’ Perhaps most importantly in this post-pandemic era, Coros estimates that ‘Courageous leadership creates a sense of stability amidst the chaos.'”