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5 Steps to Effective Goal Setting


As we bring January to an end, how did you do with your New Year’s resolutions? Did they already get lost in your to do pile??

If so, it could be because there was a simple first step that you missed in your planning process.

There are two necessary components to effective goal setting:

  1. First, we need to eliminate tasks so we create space in our day to achieve our new goals. If we miss this crucial step, we lack the necessary time to accomplish  them (hint: this step is usually tied to the emotional piece of letting go or saying no more often).
  2. Design clear,inspiring goals (hint: for sustainable goals, cross check your goals with how you want to feel and your core values)

If effective goal setting is a skill you’re interested in developing, contact us today to learn more. You could receive individualized support in setting and achieving your goals!