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Purpose & Wisdom

The phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it,” makes more and more sense with each passing day.

There are moments that hit us out of nowhere. All at once it becomes hard to imagine how we once believed so strongly in something that we no longer see as true.

Remember when we thought we were going to take all our brilliant ideas and education to work and change the world? Fast forward….We find ourselves  dreading the alarm clock each morning because we feel so useless and unrecognized at work.

Remember when we believed our parents were mean for saying “no” and then we hear ourselves telling a little one “no” for the exact same reason. Now we understand how our parents were doing their best to keep us from harm.

Recall how we thought our partner was supposed to complete us only to realize that we weren’t incomplete to begin with.

Now I find myself in my mid 30’s, taking each day as an opportunity to learn what I haven’t already discovered.

We learn a new softness to how we see life unfolding. We become more malleable with each lesson. Before I was like a dry branch, now I am more of a nimble reed.

With time we learn that when we push we may in fact get to “where we wanted to go.” However, oftentimes we were in such a hurry to get there because we didn’t want to think about our doubts. When we arrive, it’s not actually where we want to be.With wisdom we learn how to find purpose in presence rather than direction. Freedom comes when we stop looking for how we are “right” and start looking for what we have to learn.