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5 Tips for Dating as Busy Professionals

Working long hours? Looking for love? How on Earth will you find the time for yourself AND for dating!?

You’re not alone! It’s a common theme in Silicon Valley: people are having a difficult time pursuing careers and romantic connection. It’s causing many to feel isolated and hopeless in their search for meaningful partnership.

I’m happy to report that it is possible to find a work/love balance with a little adjusting.

Here are 5 tips to connect with that special someone in Silicon Valley (without quitting your job):


  1. As Dawn Maslar explains in The Science of Attraction “your entire body is playing matchmaker to determine if that beautiful stranger is right for you.” If your main form of dating consists of swiping left or right, you’re tying your biological hands behind your back. You have a better chance of identifying a bio mate, at work (or in person somewhere else) than you do through an app.
  2. It sounds hippy but start practicing presence at work. I’ve often heard tech employees protest, “I can’t even find the time to go out to meet someone.” If you’re working in a company of thousands, there are many potential connections all around. However, if we’re super stressed out at work we are likely missing many opportunities to connect with people. This is a real shame since often, our colleagues have conveniently self-select to have overlapping interests.
  3. Ok it’s supper cliche but become the person you would want to date. If we’re edgy and stressed out then we will not be very enjoyable company. Think of the 5 positive to 1 negative rule. If all we have to talk about is how stressed we are, then even if we find time for a date, there won’t likely be a second.
  4. Our bodies look for a biologically compatible mate.  If things don’t work out, don’t get down on yourself; rather leave room for the possibility that you weren’t a good body match and your perfect pair could literally be around the corner.
  5. Have fun! We are so attracted to people who are enjoying life. We see that they have something valuable to offer. Get comfortable with playing and finding joy in and outside of work!