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How to Survive Valentine’s Day

According to my team, the number one search on Vday is “how to survive Valentine’s day.” Well shit, talk about counterproductive, a day set to celebrate love and it winds up causing heartache.

Bear with me for a moment, I would like to share a bit of my own truth about love…

First off, if we’re not getting the love we want, offering the notion of self love can feel like someone handing us a balloon when we’ve jumped out of a plane…doesn’t exactly seem to do the job.

For real though, there are many forms of love and romantic love is the one that often gets the spotlight. However, if we’re feeling down in our current state (in or outside of relationship) please take it from me: after 12 years in romantic partnership, only about 25% of my total love is received in that relationship.

Most of our love is experienced when we are laughing in connection with a good friend, feeling pride in our work, snuggling up with a furry friend, or just feeling the warmth of the sun on our back.

Join me in taking back our day to celebrate love, not just romantic love but a love for life because romance is mostly chemical anyhow. Those chemicals mostly go away after the first 6 months.

So go for the big love, the lifelong kind, fall in love with being alive <3

And if that doesn’t work, throw a tomato at a romantic couple…just kidding 😀