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Three Little Steps to Happiness

I love helping people find real ways to transform the elusive pursuit of happiness into actionable steps to see lasting results. In other words, actions, not just talk and theory. I have found the best way to help clients achieve these sustainable results is by guiding them in orchestrating a life around their true values. The best part about values is that people already have their values and all that is left to do is discover what is already there.

One way to discover your values is:

  1. Look at a list of values and pick out the top ten that resonate with you. If you feel unsure about picking your top ten, it may be helpful to seek a coach that can support you; however, many people are able to get a good idea on their own.
  2. After finding your top ten, arrange them starting with the most essential.
  3. You are now ready to take a look at how you are using them in the different areas of your life. The more values that you are able to utilize in each area, the happier you will typically be.

You can chart out ways to integrate your values into your current situation. Or, you can work with a coach on exploring what a life that supports your values will look like. Either way, finding out what your values are, can prove to be an extremely valuable tool for obtaining a full, complete and happy life!