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Self-Love for Beginners


Many people including myself, struggle with receiving and expressing love. How to express love? How to receive love? How to feel lovable? Here’s an outline to use as you become an expert on love/loving/lovability.  

  • Self-love is not about getting a message, or allowing ourselves an extra scoop of ice cream, it’s seeing ourselves at a core level and trusting that we would act from a loving place at all times if we felt safe and knew how. First, unconditional love must be applied to one’s self.
  • After we find our essence, it is easy to understand why people love us. However, I have found that to maintain this understanding at times can be a little more challenging 😉 It is from respecting and honoring ourselves, where true love can grow and blossom from.
  • To love unconditionally, it is necessary to look past the person’s actions and see straight to their essence. The practice of looking past actions can be challenging. Many people instantly jump to “Well that means I have to let people treat me badly.” Yet this is the exact opposite of the very essence of unconditional love.

In summary, to give and receive unconditional love, one must feel lovable; to feel loveable, one must first learn how to unconditionally love themselves. It is only at that point you can start giving unconditional love to others.

This all sounds very complex and ethereal but a skilled teacher, who in a way holds a sort of love map, can guide us to the place that we need to go, to find ourselves.

The greatest gift to receive is to learn unconditional love.

If you would like to start feeling more Lovable, please feel free to set up a consultation with Heather and see for yourself if it makes sense to move forward on this journey of exploration together!