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Special People

“I would highly recommend Heather to others and not only is she a great coach, she is an inspiring human being!” -Dawn

Surround Yourself With People That Help You Care-Less

Treasure them like a fluffy, thick, blanket on a cold winter night. Adore them like a soft, floppy puppy, you just brought home. Savor them like the last spoon of your favorite ice cream, half melted at the bottom of the bowl. These people that help you care less about the little things and more about the bigger ones are life’s greatest gifts.


When we are blessed to have people in our lives that help us care less about the little things, it’s usually because they are so special to us that we start to see from our hearts. The heart does not care what your hair looks like, or the car you drive, it cares for much richer things.


The heart sees the world through meaning and connection. It craves love and tenderness, not money and possessions. It yearns for curiosity and wonder, not perfection and stature. Be around people who help you care less about things that lead you further away from life’s greatest gifts. They are the same people that bring you closer to true happiness.  


Find some time to write a letter (handwritten is always a lovely touch) to at least one person in your life that helps you care more about the things that count. Share how they have touched your life. It will make both of your days.