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A Simple Set of Useful Tools to Create Balance in Uncertain Times

We have compiled a set of useful tools, based on the most common challenges that clients are experiencing during the pandemic. Each tool has been designed to help you direct your emotional experience, effectively manage stress, and empower you to create new healthy coping strategies during your shelter in place experience.

Get started with my personal favorite mindfulness practice, the Mindful 3 & 3 Meditation: Download the meditation here.  If you’re a current Essential Core Member, we’ve already uploaded this to the Meditation Library 😉

Then, explore the following practices and find the perfect selection to support yourself in designing the experience you CHOOSE to create for yourself <3


Additionally, during the month of April, to support those impacted, Heather is offering 45 min Shelter in Place Actionable Introspection calls free of charge. Please note that space is limited due to time availability.

These calls are intended to support those who are struggling to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Please share appropriately with those who would benefit.

*Spaces are limited due to time constraints


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