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Beautiful Masterpiece

The world has been grooming you for this very moment. Through your experiences, relationships, and circumstances, you have become uniquely you. Every little experience is molding us into the beautiful masterpieces that we are. The beautiful thing is, we do not lose anything by acknowledging one another’s brilliance. Many learn that ‘special’ means being “better than” someone else. It is not necessary to be compared to become special. If you stood in a museum of beautiful art, you wouldn’t think less of a stunning statue just because there is also a lovely painting on the wall. Would we?

If you’re still with me, let’s take this one step further and start to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Next time you are feeling frustrated with someone else try this:

  1. First see that every single moment of their lives, has been entirely different than yours. They have learned to see the world through their experiences, hurts and joys.
  2. Remind yourself that everything is not about you, they are seeing you through their eyes, not objectively. Therefore, you know longer need to hold what they think as “true.”
  3. Now that you know that they are seeing everything differently than you do, you have a few options. If this is someone that is important to you, try and become curious about their perspective (ex: “why do they seem to be so upset with me, I know I didn’t mean to hurt them so what are they experiencing that I do not understand?”). If they are not significant to your life and you don’t care to understand them better, simply walk away with compassion because you now understand that they are acting out of fear or hurt but most importantly, it is not necessary to see it as a reflection of yourself.

By understanding that we are all seeing the world slightly or drastically different, we can free ourselves of taking things personally. This usually results in an increase of curiosity resulting in higher well being.
What are some ways we can implement these things in our daily lives?