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You are not what you think, feel, say, or do…

Believing we are what we think, feel, say or do is like dumping emotional tar in our brain; it keeps us neurologically stuck. 

Think of it like driving in a roundabout with your steering wheel locked and not noticing that there’s a way to turn out to another road. 

When we believe we are what we think, feel, say, or do, we cement our identity to the faulty thoughts (think) which cause the emotions (feel) and drive the reactive behaviors (say or do). 

Alternatively, we can unlock the steering wheel and turn out when we rewire the brain by using our thoughts and emotions as indicators to get unstuck

e.g. “When I notice I’m feeling insecure with my colleague, rather than continuing down the road towards impostor syndrome, I pause and ask,‘What was I just thinking that triggered the way I was feeling?’” 

Then, we catch ourselves and turn off of the roundabout before we react to the thoughts and/or emotions. This way, we start rewiring our brains and creating new neurological roads. These roads become the drivers of our new behaviors.

So by changing our thoughts, we change our future trajectory.