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The Gratitude Waterfall

Here’s how I discovered my new favorite meditation! The Gratitude Waterfall.

I stepped out of the car, onto the gravelly dirt road and let out a long exhale.

Looking up, I saw two soft brown eyes staring straight at me. A pair of deer grazed in front of me in their grassy oasis, undisturbed by my presence. Each strand of tension in my body softened as a deep sense of safety washed over me.

I spent the following two days at the Jikoji Zen Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains. After learning about the traditional practices of Zen Meditation, I had redefined my definition of many beliefs, one of which I would like to pass on to you.

Over the weekend, as I sat on the stiff round cushion, trying not to feel the discomfort of sitting for such an extended period of time, I surprisingly turned my attention towards gratitude.

Maintaining a gratitude practice can feel like another to do item, which often falls off the list.

I invite you to listen to this Gratitude Waterfall meditation so that you may experience this powerful practice for yourself.