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Loneliness in Silicon Valley

Helen’s shoulders drooped during her coaching session. “I’m so overwhelmed. I know I should go out, but going out feels like such a hassle. I’d rather go home to relax on the couch and watch Netflix – it just sounds simpler,” she confesses.

Helen’s not alone: The majority of us are craving real connection and feel dissatisfied with surface level conversations at our jobs, work functions, and large social gatherings.

Yet we avoid attending events because they seem too big, overwhelming, or we worry that we’ll spend the whole time feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Or we find ourselves attending lots of events, hoping we might meet someone interesting, only to be disappointed.

Why can’t we feel comfortable just showing up, even when we don’t feel our best?

Join others that feel the way you do while learning the tools of self-acceptance so we can start experiencing real connection again.

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