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How Do You Stay Sane During The Holidays?

We are all, for the most part, aware that the holidays can create some stressful and challenging situations. I know my family is no exception,but is there anything that we can do to buffer ourselves from the relative and time suck holiday tornado? Here are a few ways that I prepare myself for the messy craziness of the holiday.

  1. Set your home up to be a sanctuary. I decorate it to feel safe, warm, and welcoming. I get the treats that I love (that I won’t feel too guilty about treating myself to) like hot apple cider, hot cocoa, and munchies. This allows me to quickly and easily take a few moments to re-energize.
  2. Create time boundaries that feel comfortable to you. Ok so maybe we have some occasions that we would prefer not to attend but the repercussions of declining are just too hard to bear. However, you don’t need to stay for the whole thing. Company party with that boss who takes full advantage of the open bar and just won’t stop commenting on how good you look in that dress. You are a free person. You can leave whenever you deem appropriate. So say hi to who you need to and then excuse yourself and GO!
  3. Take time to enjoy the holidays. Most people have little things that make the holidays feel special. Showing loved ones that I care and love them, is one of my favorite parts of the holidays so I shop really early so I can have a ton of gifts wrapped up under my tree (and bonus I don’t have to fight the crowds). So if ice skating feels like the pinnacle of holiday cheer, set a date in your calendar NOW and go ice skating.

When we’re stressed we tend to skip the things that bring us the most joy. Don’t do that! Take the time to make it special for you. You are at your best when you are happy, so do what helps you be happy!


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