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Gift List: Top 5 Books to Give this Holiday Season

From one bookworm to another, here are my top 5 Books to give this holiday season:

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

An awe-inspiring read! In between tears, all I could think was YES! Especially touching were the stories of vulnerability which both moved me and felt enriching. An excellent read for embracing belonging, reminding us that we are solely responsible for creating our own sense of belonging. Takeaway: belonging is not out there, it’s in here. I recommend this one for friends with complicated family.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Gilbert speaks directly to what is, rather than what we imagine the world looks like. She helps us get our expectations in check so we can stop shaming, pushing and should-ing ourselves. She encourages us to embrace and – I dare say – enjoy the struggles of real life. I recommend this one for colleagues or friends who could use some inspiration.

Frientimacy by Shaston Nelson

Nelson breaks down one of the essential human needs, connection. This book is filled with practical advice to help friends and family understand how to foster meaningful relationships.

Steering by Starlight by Martha Beck

The perfect book for those navigating a career or relationship transition. Martha Beck gives step-by-step tools to identify our desires while fostering motivation and purpose. I recommend this book to those taking the next steps towards creating their future.

Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani

This one is perfect for friends and family on the more spiritual side. Anita Moorjani recounts a life-altering experience which changes everything. A powerful read for those looking to explore a more spiritual existence.