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Battling S.A.D.

Battling Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) has been a lifelong challenge around this time of year when the wind chill is crisp and the clouds transform California’s gold to green.

There are 3 tools I use to maintain my mood during the season change:

  1. Mood supportive supplements. I trust to help me create the perfect combination and dose to keep my mood from taking a major melancholy dip.
  2. Stay active! A good hike is a perfect way to boost and rejuvenate my mood. I discovered a few new good ones near Rodeo Beach (Marin) for some spectacular views of the SF Bay. Lighthouse Field in Santa Cruz is also spectacular . There you can end a walk on the beach at a monarch sanctuary with thousands of fluttering friends. And my favorite: Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve (pictured below) for some deep forest-style rejuvenation.
  3.  Lastly, letting go and allowing my body to replenish and move a bit slower than it does in Summer. This is personally the most challenging of the 3 for me. I’ve found slowing down to be well worth the effort invested. This practice teaches me how to function and let go with grace.

When I utilize all three of these strategies, I reach a consistently positive (albeit energetically slower) pace throughout the Fall and Winter Season.

Pulgas Reserve
Discovered while hiking at Pulgas!

Learn about letting go with ease in my blog archives.

We can either transform like the Monarch or resist like the beach stones; both will be reshaped. Do you want to be smoothed by the crashing waves or make yourself a safe cocoon to rebuild within?  

Be gentle with yourself dear ones.