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Meeting Life’s Challenges with Softness and Strength

Imagine you just walked into work, you see your boss walking quickly towards you, one hand gripping a stack of papers, the other in a fist. Their mouth is tight, and their shoulders are tensed.

Your brain starts to race: What could they be upset about?Your mind quickly reviews all the different projects you’re working on. 

Did I forget something? F*** something up? Oh sh*t are they going to fire me? How will I pay rent? Everyone’s going to think I’m a loser!

Your mind tries to identify the correct scenario because your mind is continually seeking a sense of control, and predictability is built into our DNA.

Why? Because we believe that control equals safety.

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When we function based on creating safety, we start to live out of fear…and let’s just say that can feel restrictive, exhausting and like mediocre way to live.

Don’t get discouraged, though, it’s absolutely possible to have both the adventure and sense of safety.

First, we must learn some skills to keep us safe as we venture out into this chaotic and rapidly evolving world. A skill that helps you pause before starting down the Oh sh*t rabbit hole; the ability to respond rather than react.

Why is this the first and most important step?

The ability to pay attention to what is most important and only then choose the best next step allows us to live wisely from our understanding rather than a primitive sense of panicked reactiveness and fear.

Also, you don’t wind up wiping those beads of unnecessary sweat off your forehead as your boss walks past you.

We can implement the following to immediately start building clarity and calm:

  1. Pause and settle. Whether at your desk or drinking your morning coffee, pause and notice how your body feels.
  2. Find 5 different sensations that you are currently experiencing (see image above)
  3. Finish with noticing the rise and fall of your chest as you inhale and exhale, allowing each breath to fall down deeper into your belly (intentionally dropping the breath into the belly sends signals to your nervous system that you’re safe).

If you’re like me, it’s helpful to set a reminder to practice this as often as you’d like.

Did you know we send out a weekly guided meditations? Contact us for more info.