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Look at Me

“Heather is a super-smart, curious, sincere and committed coach. I thoroughly enjoy her way of deeply and fearlessly exploring to find insights and answers to my challenges.  She truly is a breath of fresh air and I recommend her to anyone seeking self-understanding and change for the better.” E


It’s a swirling, turbulent whirlwind out there and if we’re not careful, we may go an entire day without really looking at anyone. I get lost in people’s eyes. It’s like a soul handshake. I get to experience that person and they get to experience me. Of course, some eyes I enjoy looking into more deeply than others but each time I get to connect with someone, it’s like a little electric jolt to my soul.

Each person has their own unique story and looking in their eyes, is like getting to see the preview. Sometimes it is with perfect strangers that I will only experience for a few moments while they ring me up or I am passing on the street but I also mean the people that you experience more intimately. Your friends or significant others.

We get so use to being in each other’s presence that we forget that it is actually a present that people chose to be with you. Say thank you by truly seeing them. It costs nothing and it is one of the most lovely experiences on this Earth.

Set an intention to look in at least one person’s eyes with intent to truly see in them, each day, for the rest of the month. See what happens when you look at them. Some people may be easier to do this with than others.

If you have a hard time looking at someone because you are currently experiencing a struggling in the relationship, try and talk about the issue with them. If you need help on how to talk about what’s bothering you, it may be wise to ask for help from a coach or counselor.

Choose to be with people when you are with them. It may take a little practice but it will start to feel more and more nature with time. My whole day can be turned around with a friendly look from a stranger. Turn around someone’s day! After all, you really have nothing to lose but a smile; and they don’t cost anything either 🙂