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Do You Trust Yourself?

Having never received any life coaching in the past, I was reluctant and hesitant to participate in a life coaching session, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself opening up to Heather right away.” Tanya

Through life, we learn and unlearn things. Depending on what your past looks like you are in a place to learn or unlearn trust, for yourself and for others. Trust is such a tricky one because it is built piece by piece over a period of time. Some of my clients get into sticky situations when they trust someone at a very high level before that person has shown that they have learned how to be trustworthy. Read More »Do You Trust Yourself?

Longest Testimonial Ever

How the Spiral Changed My Life

By: Sasha Bailyn

I really wanted to see the castle. Ever since we arrived in Bavaria, all I could think about was reaching this Disneyesque fantasy destination nestled in the German countryside. My husband and I set out for Neuschwanstein Castle in our rental car, expecting to spend 3 or so hours on the road and reach the castle by closing time.Read More »Longest Testimonial Ever

Love That Body

I’d like to shed a little light on a new perspective about how to think about our bodies. We often grow up scrutinizing every little aspect of our bodies and finding fault wherever we feel unfavorably. Additionally, we receive all sorts of input

Read More »Love That Body