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Paul J.

Heather has helped me progress and move forward significantly, both personally and professionally. The initial thrust of our work together has been my business, and how that fits into my life in a productive and healthy way – which of course has segued into other aspects of my life. The entire time we have worked…    Read more “Paul J.”

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Julie Lemieux

Short, informal, but structured. Participation was easy and private Takeaway of written exercise answers/feeling very valuable Topic relevant and important – excellent focus

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Kc E.

Heather Choye has the amazing ability to discern what makes me do the things I do and feel the things I feel. And the best part is that she has helped me to take steps towards creating a life more in keeping with my core values. My inkling of an idea was given wings under…    Read more “Kc E.”

Life & Career Coaching

Scott B.

I manage an international consultancy group for a large global company. I found the principles of this workshop to be extremely relevant for my business as well. I was particularly impressed with her authenticity, which greatly helped in breaking down walls and opening up people to be coachable. I learned a lot and would highly…    Read more “Scott B.”

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Heather is a super-smart, curious, sincere and committed coach. I thoroughly enjoy her way of deeply and fearlessly exploring to find insights and answers to my challenges. She truly is a breath of fresh air and I recommend her to anyone seeking self-understanding and change for the better.

Life & Career Coaching

Mar Casmona

Heather’s workshops are always a place to be yourself and feel safe. Her warm and kind spirit is as big as her scientific knowledge of our complicated minds. Attending one of her events is a major gift you will give to yourself for self-discovery, self-growth and self-love.

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