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The Essential Core Personal Program

Each of us has a unique essential core and by using curiosity as a catalyst, Heather Coros will help you tap into your own essential core. Accessing this vital center allows you to be your authentic self and create your own powerful impact in the world.

Heather is focused on decoding exactly what’s been holding you back and then gently working to overcome what’s blocking you so you can feel empowered to be your best self.


The Value of Heather’s Signature Coaching Techniques:


  • Ignite Success: Harness the power of curiosity to catapult your career and life in this upcoming year.
  • Elevate your Relationships: Build comfortable confidence. Begin feeling seen, accepted, supported and encouraged in current and emerging relationships both at home and at work.
  • Create the Changes You Desire: Master the potential of presence and grow your capacity to influence the direction of your life. Feel more clear, capable, and energized to take action.
  • Design a Life filled with Meaning: Wake up with enthusiasm and excitement for YOUR life
  • Discover your Purpose: Become an expert in your own desires.
  • Ask for What You Want: Learn the skills required to communicate your desires.

Work with Heather

The Essential Core Personal Program supports you to achieve personal and/or professional goals. It consists of targeted goal exploration, individual coaching sessions with Heather where she integrate a variety of techniques to help you break through what’s hindering your progress. She offers a variety of tools to increase wellbeing and accelerate your progress, such as:

  • Weekly meditations guided by Heather,
  • Full access check-in’s in between sessions,
  • Access to the private Essential Core Facebook Group,
  • And more


“I’ve been working with Heather for about two months now, we originally started because I was having some issues professionally. She managed to resolve those problems much sooner than I ever would have anticipated. Since then she’s help me transform my social life, my inner dialogue, and never fails to give me homework that is not easy at any point in time but every bit worth the investment that it’s taken.”  –  Dr. Bailey


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