Thriving company, motivated employees – The Essential Core Corporate Program

The Essential Core Corporate Program is a development program taking people within your organization beyond their current thinking and motivates them to perform to their highest potential.

Heather Coros cultivates tools such as curiosity to create a deep connection with The Essential Core to maximize engagement and productivity, the keys to maintaining a thriving company.


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Objectives and Benefits

Core objective

  • Reaffirm your organization’s vision & mission to align workforce with business strategy
  • Identify the real challenges your organization is currently facing
  • Create shared direction, goals & criteria for success
  • Deliver tools & resources to create maximum engagement
  • Coach your leaders to inspire & engage their employees to realize the full potential of their workforce, unlock hidden talent and maximize business performance

Expected Outcomes

  • Healthier company culture
  • Increased transparency for better information flow
  • Established catalysts for continuous productivity such as curiosity
  • Engaged workforce, motivated to work out how to turn the organization’s intentions into reality
  • Sustainable improvements in performance  productivity
Program structure

This is a tailored program targeting the root causes of your company’s challenges to create
lasting change. It can be customized to develop your whole organization, select teams and your leaders.

The Essential Core Program consists of a dynamic workshop including exercises and group conversations/coaching, followed by coaching for teams & for individuals to create sustainable results.

The Essential Core Program Steps
  1. Initial in-person meeting with a company representative or the executive team for an in-depth conversation to identify the main challenges
  2. Full or ½ day workshop (maximum of 40 employees), held onsite or offsite
  3. Summary of key challenges from top organizational level to employee level, discovery of solutions & tools; & outline of team and individual coaching
  4. Maintenance: Quarterly follow-up’s to track progress & finetune strategy for maximum output
You will learn something new that you can apply immediately – Heather will give you the tools and the knowledge to make a desired change. Heather connects with her audience and is very relatable and non-judgemental. She is a breath of fresh air in the corporate world.” –  Maegan

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