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My career love affair as a certified transformational life coach, career coach, speaker, and writer was discovered through a series of what I thought to be disastrous failures. Each leading me further down the path towards my true calling. Landing myself in simultaneously completing my M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology, obtaining my Life Coaching Certification while developing a sound company to launch upon my graduation.

After 15+ years of studying psychology and learning from personal experience and research I finally felt ready to put my flag in the ground and start my mission to positively impact and inspire as many people as possible through effectively increasing their authenticity, curiosity and love.

When I wasn’t madly typing away to complete a book or create a blog, hiking in the woods with my dogs, preparing for a workshop or speaking engagement, I devoted my time to create The Essential Core Programs, for individuals and corporations.

The Essential Core Programs helps individuals expand their abilities and gain the necessary skills to accomplish their goals. And the corporate version serves companies to transform their workforce by teaching new actionable tools to foster innovative ways of thinking to become far more effective in achieving the desired outcome.

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