About Heather Coros

I am insatiably curious, a knowledge junkie and psych geek. I’m also a Siberian Husky lover; nature is my lifeline. I became a health coach because relating from the heart is fundamental to me; peace sustains me, and connection is key for my happiness. Beauty in all its many forms is lovely, and playing with friends and family is one of my favorite pastimes.

Life is fascinating to me and I love learning about it. I’m one of those people that feels most at peace with a good book in my hands. Learning fulfills my curiosity, which is insatiable.

I found purpose and meaning in dedicating my time and experience to help others deconstruct their own limiting beliefs so they can shine their brightest.  

Part of my education has been learning about myself. I never anticipated what I would find, from soul-searching trips in Bali to sitting and crying my eyes out from both joy and pain. I have learned how to love life, how to love
my life. I have learned how to have compassion and patience for myself and others.

 Life is messy! I want to support people in exploring, accepting, and loving their life and work, in all of its messy, lovely reality.

Nothing lights me up like helping others identify how to accomplish their desires and increase curiosity, authenticity, and love.